Salahaddin Ayobbi International Symposium is held



An international symposium entitled " Salahaddin:  A Leader for All Ages" was held on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. It was organized by the Department of History of the Faculty of Arts - Soran University. The symposium was attended by AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, SU Rector, members of the University Council, government, party and organizational officials, local and international academic specialists, and a large number of lecturers, students, and guests.

The Symposium began its work by standing to pay homage to the pure souls of the martyrs, and listening to the national anthem. SU President then delivered a speech in which he welcomed the guests and praised the symposium organizers. After that, Abdul Wahid Jalal Noori from the International Islamic University Malaysia, presented his speech as the keynote speaker.

Later, Panel discussions began. The first one was moderated by AP. Dr. Hamza Kak Yassin. The panel was attended by Prof.Dr. Abdulhakim Ahmed Khushnaw, entitled "Lofty Values in the Behaviour and Politics of Salahaddin Ayyobi", AP.Dr. Nasser Jassim, entitled "Salahaddin Ayyobi in the Historical Events and British Orientalism, Jonathan Philips, and Donald Richard as an example”, AP.Dr. Karvan Mohamed Amedi, entitled "Salahaddin's Status in the Triangle of the Saviours’ Era", and AP.Dr. Osman Halbjayi, entitled "Salahaddin in the Conscience of Free Thinkers".

The second panel was moderated by Lect. Ararat. It was attended by Prof.Dr. Hashim Ayobbi, entitled "The Global and Human Dimensions of Salahaddin Ayoubi’s Personality", Prof.Dr. Farsat Mari, titled "Salahaddin and Causes of the Murder of the Philosopher Suharwardi - a Critical and Analytical Study", Abubakar Karwani, entitled " Salahaddin and Kurdish Nationalism", and Dr. Nadim Abu Khalaf, entitled "The Political Role of Kurds in Palestine."

The third-panel discussion, moderated by Lect. Sihad Asaad, was attended by Prof.Dr.  Ako Burhan Muhammad, entitled "Salahaddin's Cultural Role", Prof.Dr.  Kaiwan Azad Anwar entitled, "What Has Kurd Learned from the Experience of Salahaddin?"Dr. Kamaran Ali Fathallah, entitled, "The National Dimension and Importance of Sultan Salahuddin and his State," and Dr.  Amin Dosky, entitled "The Presence of Kurds in Salahaddin’s State".

The Symposium was then enriched with questions, comments, and observations from the audience. In the end, Dr. Bzhar read out the recommendations, after which certificates of participation were distributed to participants in the symposium.