Graduate Courses

Although young, Soran University is proud of its achievements to date. One of these is the offer of postgraduate courses that are expanding constantly.

Each faculty has its own programme for postgraduate study and with the increase in staff holding doctorates the programmes are being rolled out across the university.

For full details of all our postgraduate courses available please click on the appropriate department heading and follow the links.

The following are all the graduate (postgraduate) courses offered at Soran University:


MA in Kurdish Language

MA in Kurdish Literature

MA in Arabic Language

MA in Arabic Literature

MA in Islamic History

MA in Modern History

MA in Ancient History


MSc in Applied Mathematics

MSc in Pure Mathematics

MEd in Gymnastics

MEd in Tennis-Badminton

MEd in Fencing

MEd in Wrestling


LL.M. in Private Law

LL.M. in Public Law