Ibtisam's Conferences

C1 (1997):                    I.M. Kamal, M. J. Essa and M. M. Hattab. “Experimental study on the effect of a polymer on concrete properties” proceedings of the fourth Basrah Eng. Conference, March 11-12 (1997), P. 639-652.

C2 (1999):                    I.M. Kamal “Fabrication of Plastic linings for marine applications”. Proceedings of the Yearly Scientific Conference of Marine Force. 59-5, Basrah-Iraq. 1999.

C3 (2000):                    I.M. Kamal, F. G. Mohammed and K. Ali. “Effect of natural gasoline addition upon the characterization of Iraqi crude oil”. Symposium “Engineering Developments and Alternatives in Petroleum industries”. University of Basrah, Faculty of Engineering 25-Apri.

C4 (2000):                    I.M. Kamal. “Study on the characteristics of modified building materials using different polymer additives”. Proceedings of the 4th conference of Construction Minstry, pp. 552-560, 29-30 December (2000).

C5 (2000):                    I.M. Kamal, F. M. Falih, and A. A. Al-Saad. “Durability performance of epoxy-modified concrete”. Proceedings of the 4th conference of construction Ministry, pp. 443-449, 29-30 December (2000).

C6 (2002):                    I.M. Kamal. “New Aspects in Ecological Purification of Sea Water Using Concrete and Concrete Wastes”. Basrah Journal Science, No. 18, 48-55 (2002).

C7 (2002):                    I.M. Kamal. “Polymeric (RAMs), Techinical characteristics, principles of operation and applications”. Symposium on Microwave communications, University of Basrah, Faculty of Engineering, 25-35, April (2002).

C8 (2002):                    I.M. Kamal, A. H. Gailan, A. Hameed and A. Haatam. “Aggregate made from industrial unprocessed slag”. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Concrete Technology for Developing Countries 321-334, 21-24 October. Amman-Jordan (2002).

C9 (2002):                    I.M. Kamal. “Conservation of Energy n buildings using polymer concrete composites”. Proceeding of the 2nd Scientific Conference Al-Nahrain University, 30-31 October (2002).

C10 (2002):                  I.M. Kamal, H. Hameed and A. Hatam. “Industrial waste pollutants as concrete aggregate”. 4th international conference on role of engineering towards a better environment, Egypt. Alexandaria, 21-23 December, (2002).

C11 (2003):                  I.M. Kamal, E.H. Shamkii, A.H. Ghailan and H. M. Rasheed. “Evaluation of scale forming and corrosive character of raw water for industrial processes”. Proceedings of the 1st National Conf. On Water Desalination Techniques, University of Basrah, 3 February, (2003).

C12 (2003):                  I.M. Kamal, A.A. Mohammad and F. AL-Badran. “Chlorinated resinous wax from industrial wastes: production, characterization and optimization”. 2nd international conference on chemistry and its applications. Doha–Qatar, 6-9 December (2003).

C13 (2004):                  I. M. Kamal and Elham H. Shamki. “Hydrodynamic Characteristics of a New Fluidized Bed”. Proceedings of the 8th Arab Conference of Material Science. Alexandria, Egypt, 18-22 April 2004.

C14 (2004):                  I. M. Kamal and S. M. Shuaib. “Low Density Rigid Polyurethane Foams: Fabrication, Morphological Characterization and Thermal Conductivity Evaluation”. Proceedings of the 1st workshop on Advanced Materials, Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Qatar University, Al-Doha, 27-29 April 2004.

C15 (2004):                  I. M. Kamal, Ilham H. Shamki and A. A. Khadim. “Polymer Composites Based on Low Density Polyethylene- Wood Fiber: Fabrication and mechanical Properties”. Proceedings of CHEMINDEX, Al-Bahrain, September (2004).

C16 (2004):                  I. M. Kamal, G. Abdul al-Razzaq and M. O. Hamdi. “Performance Evaluation of Some New RAMs”. Proceedings of the 3rd International MAGEL Conference, La-Rocheel University, France, 15-19 June 2004.

C17 (2005):                  I.M. Kamal and M. N. Faris. “ Fabrication and Evaluation of Some New Abrasives Based on an Industrial Waste as Grinding Material”. Proceedings of 8ICCD, Sharm AlShaik-Egypt, 9-11 April (2005).

C18 (2005):                  I.M.Kamal and A.M. Albaage. “New Organometallic Monomers and Polymers Based on Tellurium:Synthesis And Characterization”. Proceedings of Transmediterranean Symposium on Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis (RENACOM) Morocco- Marrakesh, 5-7 May (2005).

C19 (2005):                  I.M.Kamal. “Membrane Technology and the Role in Bioprocessing”. Proceedings of Jordan International Chemical Engineering Conference V (JICECO5). Amman-Jordan, 12-15 september (2005).

C20 (2005):                  I.M.Kamal, N.K. AbdulSahab, S.D. Nassy, H.K.Hamed and N.Muhammed. “Polymer Modified Concrete Using Locally Available Raw Materials”. Proceedings of the International Conference to Engaga Iraq’s Science and Technology In Developing Their country. Amman –Jordan, 18-20 September (2005).

C21 (2005):                  I.M.Kamal, N.K. AbdulSahab, S.D. Nassy, H.K.Hamed and N.Muhammed. “Establishment of a Capacity Building in Iraq for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation”. Proceedings of the International Conference to Engage Iraq’s Science and Technology In Developing Their country. Amman –Jordan, 18-20 September (2005).

C22 (2005):                  I. M. Kamal and K. Allaf. "Improved Expansion Characteristics for Raw Coffee Beans using The Instantaneous Controlled Pressure Drop Process (DIC)” Proceedings of the fifth workshop on DIC technology and applications– University of La Rochelle-France, 10 November (2005).

C23 (2006):                  I. M. Kamal, S. Mounir, and K. Allaf. Edible films and coatings for food preservation. The 6 th edition Health and Foods Days. June 14-16 (2006). La Rochelle-France.

C24 (2006):                  I. M. Kamal, S. Mounir, and K. Allaf. “New tendencies in preservation of fruits and vegetables by drying and by edible coatings”. Proceedings of the First Franco-MFLU Seminar: Changes in rice production systems, a new technological challenges. June 12-14 (2006). Chiang Rai- Thailand.

C25 (2008):                  I. M. Kamal and S. Al-Naimi.” Polymers and Nanotechnology”. Proceedings of the Knowledge Based Industries & Nanotechnology Conference. 11th-12th February (2008), Doha-Qatar.

C26 (2008):                  I. M. Kamal and K. Allaf. Incorporation of DIC Technology in Valorization of Food wastes to Added-Value Products. Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Engineering for Waste Valorization. 2-3 June (2008), Patras-Greece.

C27 (2008):                  I. M. Kamal and S. Al-Naimi and K. Allaf, Geopolymers and phosphate-cements:            Formation processes, properties and applications. Proceedings of the sixth International Symposium on Inorganic Phosphate Materials. 24-28 August (2008), La Rochelle-France.

C28 (2009):                  I. M. Kamal and S. Al-Naimi and K. Allaf, Building Materials Of Improved Thermal Insulation. Proceedings of the NE ASEE conference Engineering in the New Global Economy', 3-4 April (2009), Bridgeport-USA.

C29 (2009):                  I. M. Kamal and K. Allaf, Geopolymers:               Prospects For Polymer Industry. Proceedings of the third International conference on advances and trends in engineering materials and their applications, 6-10 July (2009), Montreal-Canada. ISBN 0-9780479.

C30 (2009):                  I. M. Kamal, Nanopolymers Proceedings The second International Meeting on Clusters and Nanostructured Materials (CNM-2), 27-30 september 2009, Uzhogord- Ukraine.

C31 (2010):                  I.M. Kamal and K. Allaf, Novel Approach In Surface Texturing Of Biopolymers:          Proceedings of the International symposium of Chuiko ISC of NAS of Ukraine, 18- 21 May, Kiev- Ukraine.

C32 (2010):                  Ibtisam Kamal, Collete Besombe and Karim Allaf. Drying kinetics and Optimization of oil extraction from microalgae Spirulina. Journées de la Section Régionale Centre- Ouest,Société, Chimique de France; 9 & 10 décembre 2010- Université De La Rochelle.

C33 (2011):                  I.M Kamal and K. Allaf. Recovering of sumac waste as a source of plyphenols using the novel processing technology of instant controlled pressure drop DIC:, the 8th International Conference, Cooperation for Waste Issues (WasteECo-2011), February 23-24, 2011, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

C34 (2011):                  I.M Kamal and K. Allaf. Kinetics of Polyphenol Extraction From Sumac. 6th International CIGR Technical Symposium Toward a sustainable food chain, Food Process, Bioprocessing and Food Quality Management, 18th-20th April 2011, Nantes, France.

C35 (2011):                  M. Kristiawan, I.M Kamal, V. Sobolik, S. Mounir and K. Allaf. Expanding coffee Beans using texturing by Microwave and steam heating systems of instant controlled pressure drop. The 6th nternational CIGR Technical Symposium Toward a sustainable food chain, Food process, Bioprocessing and Food Quality Management, 18th-20th April 2011, Nantes, France.

C36 (2011):                  Kamal I. and Allaf K. (2011). Impact of Global Warming, Military Conflicts and Industrial Processing Wastes on Environment. 4th International Congress of Environmental Research (ICER-11) on 15th-17th Dec 2011 Surat, India.

C37(2012):                   Kamal I. Aidy K., Lemem E., and Allaf K. (2012). Impact of Controlled Pressure Drop (DIC) on Total Phenols, Tannins and Antioxidant Activity of Rhus Tripartitum Bark. The 4th Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciences , the 8th-11May 2012, Duhok-Irak.

C38(2012):                   Kamal I. and Karim Allaf (2012). Improvement of Total Phenol Availability In Green Coffee Beans By Texturing Using Instant Control Pressure Drop. The 6th world congress on Polyphenols Applications, 7-8 June, Palais Brongniart, Paris, France.3

C39(2013):           Kamal I. Besobes C. and Allaf K. (2013). A Novel One-Step Method For Extraction Lutein From Microalgae Phaeodactylum Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction (ASE)”. “The 1st International Scientific Conference, University of Zakho, April 23rd -25th, Zakho -Iraq.

C40(2014):                   Kamal I. Besobes C. and Allaf K. (2014). One-Step Processes For In-Situ Transesterfication To Biodiesel And Lutein Extraction From Microalgae Phaeodactylum Using Instant Controlled Pressure Drop (DIC). Proceedings of the 4th International congress on green process engineering, 7-10 April 2014, Sevilla (Spain).

Invited speaker (Publications documented in conferences Proceedings)

IL1 (1999):          I.M. Kamal and M. J. Abdullah. “Deterioration of concrete columns used for high and low voltage transmission lines. Causes and methods for solving the problem”. The fourth Conference on Corrosion Prevention in Industry, 7-9 November, (1999), Baghdad.

IL2 (2000):          I.M. Kamal. “Treatment and Developed methods for dealing with chemicals in electrical power stations”. Symposium “Methods facilitie production and distribution of electrical energy in southren region”. University of Basrah, Faculty of Engineering. 8-February (2000).

IL3 (2000):          I.M. Kamal. “Polymers and their applications in water treatment”. Symposium ‘Water Treatment in Basrah Governorate’. University of Basrah, Faculty of Engineering. 8-February (2000).

IL4 (2000):          I.M. Kamal. “New Methods for Treating Petroleum Pollutants. Symposium Engineering Developments Alternatives in Petroleum industries. University of Basrah, Faculty of Engineering 25-April (2000).

IL5 (2000):          I.M. Kamal. “Polymer Coating for Marine Ships Overlays”. Annual Conference of Marine Force, August (2000).

IL6 (2002):          I.M. Kamal. “Application of polymers in stealth technology”. The Annual Scientific Conference of Marine Force, August (2002).

IL7 (2002):          I.M. Kamal. “Polymeric Additives for Concrete Columns”. 1st Engineering Conference:    Iraqi Engineering Society / Basrah Branch, 12-13 January (2002).

IL8 (2002):          I. M. Kamal. “Separation by Polymeric Membranes:  Technologies and Applications”. The Specified Symposium on Water Desalination in Basrah, Fourth of January (2002).

IL9 (2003):          I.M. Kamal. “Polymer-cement mortars for ports overlays”. The 6th Scientific Conference of State Company of Iraqi Ports. 12-13 January (2003).