Dr Arafat Stuni

مؤتمر حول الإسلام والتعايش الاجتماعي

It is planned on April 1, 2014 under observation of his excellency “Masoud Barzani” the president of Kurdistan region a conference about ‘ Islam and social Coexistence’, be held. For this purpose, there will be the presence of a number of countries, international universities, international religion experts and theologians.

Through their views and ideas, they will cooperate to explain the causes of religious confrontations and will attempt to recommend perfect ways and modern experiences for religious and cultural coexistence through a scientific understanding of the ongoing religious facts and happenings.

Dean of the Faculty of Law at Soran University, Dr. Arafat Stuni as an active and known theologian will participate in the conference as the delegate of Soran University. He will deliver a speech under the title of “The peaceful coexistence of religions”. It is worth mentioning, Kurdistan Region holds a number of religions, cultures and beliefs, together all of them live in a calm and peaceful environment and show the world a beautiful stable experience of religious and cultural coexistence.

Day 1 Program for the conference "Islam and Social Coexistance"