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Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management


Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management:
The Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management is one of the five faculties of Soran University. The Department of Law is the oldest department of the faculty, followed by the Departments of Politics and International Relations, as well as the School of Management. The Departments of Law, Politics, International Relations and the School of Management are open in both morning and evening shifts.

The School of Management consists of two departments: Accounting and Business Administration. In addition to undergraduate bachelor's degrees, the faculty provides significant services through the provision of higher education, master's and doctoral degrees and continues to train high-level academic teachers and researchers.

In this faculty, which has more than (750) students, a significant number of talented teachers and skilled employees serve, all together continue to serve to develop the level of knowledge and information and have provided a brilliant example of academic and scientific work They have put scientific research on the shoulders of the scientific library. A number of graduates of the faculty have reached prominent positions in the higher education sector, parliament, government and political parties and serve from there.

The Faculty of Law, Political Sciences and Management has a significant role in providing expertise and human needs of our society, by adopting contemporary methods in designing curricula, teaching methods, using modern technology and educating gifted students. In this faculty, law graduates become lawyers, lawyers, legal researchers and legal cadres who can provide legal advice in the public and private sectors. Graduates of the Department of Politics and International Relations are prepared to become political cadres and researchers in the field of domestic and international politics, so that they have opinions on the work, projects and political decisions of governmental and non-governmental institutions and local and international organizations. Graduates of accounting in their field and combined with economics, finance and other related subjects can provide exceptional service. Graduates of the Department of Business Management in both the public and private sectors, in different fields of management of governmental, non-governmental, educational, commercial and similar units can become managers or provide consultants in the field of business management.