Faculty of Science

With the establishment of Soran University and its expansion, the Faculty of Science was opened by opening all three scientific departments (Computer, Mathematics and Biology). In 2011, he opened the Department of Petroleum Geoscience for the first time in Kurdistan and Iraq, with a fully competent and experienced Kurdish and international staff. In 2012, the Department of Chemistry and in 2016, the Department of Evening Medical Microbiology were opened.

Currently, the Faculty of Science has (15) modern scientific laboratories with all the laboratory requirements within the framework of the specialties available in the faculty. The educational process in the Faculty of Science is conducted by a number of teachers with different academic degrees.

The Faculty of Science has a great hand in conducting scientific research, as one of the most advanced strategies of Soran University. The many and influential products of the researchers of this faculty have had a great impact on Soran University being one of the leading universities in Kurdistan according to the criteria of scientific research.

This faculty as one of the main pillars of Soran University has a strong and unified team that manages the faculty in the best way. The faculty works continuously and intensively to further improve the quality of education and bring it to the highest international standards, similar to the world's leading universities.