Faculty of Art


The Faculty of Arts was formed in 2012 as a result of the merger of the Faculties of Language and Education. The faculty consists of departments of Kurdish, English, Arabic, History, Geography, Psychology and Sociology. Study in all departments is according to the Bologna Process.

The Faculty of Arts also offers evening courses in all four departments of English, Geography, Psychology and Sociology, which offer bachelor's degrees in different specialties.

Considering the importance of the social and human sciences in building society, they have been called the engineers and guides of society. The Faculty of Arts has a great influence and therefore its graduates are active in the community as teachers and specialized consultants, a significant number of graduates of different departments according to their specialties, employed in educational centers. In addition to their ability to work in fields such as research in research centers and civil society organizations, they also work as translators and writers in newspapers, magazines and institutions.

The Faculty of Arts now works on two important levels with a scientific program. The first works on the quality and education of a high-level student, which is within the framework of the Bologna process, the other is the work of research, attention and research on the current social and cultural issues. Appropriate policies and plans for sustainable social and human development.