Kurdistan Centre for Gender Studies is the first academic centre for gender studies in Kurdistan. It is funded and supported by UNWOMEN, UNDP, the KRG High Council for Women’s Affairs, Ministry of Planning, and Soran University. The project is in line with the KRG Vision of 2020 for ensuring an inclusive and equal society.

The centre comprises of three units: training, research, and reviewing.

1- Training Unit

  1. Developing training programmes for KRG ministries
  2. Conducting training workshops and seminars for governmental bodies, private sector, and NGOs
  3. developing a gender studies programmes at undergraduate level at Soran University as the centre’s long term plan
  4. Building a specialist library at the centre with open access for students and researchers

2- Research Unit

  • Promoting research on gender issues in Kurdistan
  • Funding outstanding research proposals on gender related issues in Kurdistan
  • Publishing the research outcomes in peer-reviewed journals
  • Collecting date and building an online archive on gender related subjects
  • Organising theme-based workshops with the participation of internationally recognized experts and researchers

3- Reviewing Unit

To Work closely with the Women committee at KRG Parliament

  1. Reviewing legislations from gender perspective
  2. Reviewing companies’ by-laws and regulations from gender perspective

Administrative and Academic Staff

Ibrahim Mustafa Khudir:  financial Manager

Lelaf Balisany :  UN women gender coordinator

Meram Salim Shekh Mohamad : Volunteer

 Translated by: Meram.S.Shekh Mohmmad

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