Handren Centre

Handren Centre for Language and Cultural Studies


The Kurdish Language Department

The HC awards Kurdish language certificates to international university researchers who are referred to the HC by Lund University, according to a contract between Soran University and Lund University on 2nd February 2011.


To teach foreign students who come to Kurdistan for cultural research. 

To teach diplomatic figures and embassy staff in Kurdistan.

To teach foreign lecturers at Soran University

To teach the foreign teachers from the academic centres at Soran University.

To familiarize the language participants with Kurdish culture within a planned structure


Design of teaching programmes for the Kurdish language courses.

Delivering training courses for Kurdish Language.

Presenting weekly reports for analysis and review

Specification of daily schedule/timetable of classes.

Courses will be run according to different levels of participants.

Structure and content

Teaching the Kurdish alphabet (writing and reading).

Basic conversation skills.


Planned Schedule

Three days a week (every Monday and Wednesday for beginners and every Tuesday for other levels) 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

The approach to learning is theoretical and practical.



Orthography and proofreading Department


To support the standardization of Kurdish writing; variations are having a negative effect on the use and promotion of the Kurdish language.

To screen and amend Soran University written materials before publication

To proof read Soran University magazine before publication.

To train lecturers, students and administrative staff in the correct use of Kurdish, inside or outside universities.

To develop a Soran University academic writing project for the benefit of administrative instructions and graduate research.

Departmental Responsibilities:

Arranging a conference to focus on Kurdish orthography in association with the Kurdish department at Soran University for agreement on the standardization of Kurdish orthography  based on reliable precedents

Facilitating workshops for amendment and correction of Kurdish spelling and grammar for the faculties and presidency in Soran University.

Publishing precise, standardized leaflets and posters about the spelling (forming of words) accepted by HC

Holding specific workshops for Soran University teachers and students as well as journalistic establishments, to reduce errors in spelling and grammar in their publications


Cultural Research Department


To promote awareness of Kurdish culture.

To endeavor to preserve Kurdish culture in order to create a discourse for its appreciation.

To ensure that research and writing are limited purely to Kurdish language, history, literature, transcripts, heritage, geography, folkloric literature, lexicography, ancient folkloric literature and cultural values…etc.

To encourage teachers and students to study and conduct researches in Kurdish culture.

To translate books and appropriate research papers into Kurdish, in particular Kurdology resources.

To study and research existing Kurdology resources, in particular those originating from orientalists who are an important resource for the study of Kurdology.

To present to the cultural study department suggestions from diverse projects concerning Kurdish culture, through essays and research, so that they may be further developed.

Departmental responsibilities:

The formation of an Assessment Panel to accept research papers and articles.

Ensuring research and essays are submitted to the orthography department before publication.

Engagement with teachers and others, to support them in the publication of their research and so building bridges with organizations and individuals outside the academic arena

Facilitating of meetings to discuss research and suggestions.

Production of research agenda as a projector of the HC to related official sites.

Monthly presentation of specific research concerning announcements and viewpoints of other people as well as the level of benefit people get from essays, research papers and other publications.    

Undertaking the management of uploading essays and research in association with the centre website supervisor.

Channels making research available to the public:

The HC website

In-house printing and publications                                                                        

Types of publication:

Papers, articles and translations about Kurdish culture and Kurdology in general will be published after assessment by the committee.

Research participants:

The Handren Centre

Staff and students of Soran University

Teachers/lecturers of  Universities in Kurdistan

Teachers/lecturers of foreign universities

Renowned researchers of Kurdology and Kurdish culture



Media and Marketing Department 


To make a contact and association between cultural directorates, announcement foundations and cultural establishments with Soran University.

To hold conferences on Kurdish culture, using reports submitted by the Cultural Studies Department, as well as the minutes and recommendations of the HC.

To hold cultural festivals to promote and preserve Kurdish culture.

To Introduce the HC as a unit that represents Soran University and promotes its influence on Kurdish society. 

Departmental Responsibilities:

Preparing specific publications by the HC as project.

Making a calendar as an almanac containing the many Kurdish historical events as well as a Kurdish cultural calendar.

Covering news and activities of the HC.

Working on publishing designs for the centre in collaboration with the printing and publishing department.

Preparing seminars, workshops and press conferences for the centre.

Conference planning.

Convening a public relations committee for the centre agenda.

Associating and cooperating with the Media and Marketing Department along with other Soran University departments in publication undertakings.





The Handren Centre Facebook page


To fill academic and knowledge gaps concerning Kurdish culture on Facebook. 

To introduce Kurdish culture with a discourse regarding culture as an identity and to clarify and warn about the consequences of its loss.

To introduce the university and its duty towards neglected cultural sites.

To provide a ‘gate’ for the collection of folklore and to involve people in key decisions.

To promote cultural responsibility for the preservation of Kurdish culture by recommending academic and folkloric publications.

To make a call for unity concerning Kurdish culture.

To reclaim Kurdish cultural values as an individual and institutional responsibility.

Departmental Responsibilities:

Preparing posts for the Facebook page in association with centre staff.

Uploading prepared posts in terms of the daily schedule. 

Presenting weekly reports of data and attitudes of the ‘likers’ of the page.

Working to increase the number of likes of the page.

Answering comments in discussion with HC staff as necessary

Disseminating cultural information with Facebook posts.

Increasing the rank of Soran University by sharing its website links.

Uploading news and activities from the centre.

Designing questionnaires covering linguistic and Kurdish cultural issues. 



Handren Centre website

The topics covered by the HC website:                                                           

Home: the sample of website’s design.

News and activity: includes the news and activities of the centre.

Centre’s departments: contains the information about all the centre’s departments including staff, supervisors, aims, and careers.

Essays and research: contains the essays and research about Kurdology and Kurdish Culture those are written by famous writers and University instructors.

Downloads: in the library section, and with the agreement of the authors, books will be available without charge. The books are solely about culture, in the video section, videos concerning culture, with HC logo, will also be available without charge.

Learning Kurdish: in addition to the information about Kurdish language, this part of the website will be a gateway for learning Kurdish as self-study.  

Translation: in addition to the principles of Kurdish translation, translated books will be available.

Photo encyclopedia: in this part of the website, people can download hundreds of pictures.

About us: this section contains information about the staff of the HC and contact information.


To provide a strong gateway for the publication of writers’ and teachers’ essays and research.

Publishing essays and research through HC website can be a strong measure in making a united discourse about Kurdish Culture.

To endeavor to introduce, and give value to, Kurdish Culture for the general population.

To make a Kurdish cultural discourse as an identity for Kurds through its agenda.

To retain the mechanisms of risk and to avoid losing Kurdish Culture.

To regain the authentic value of Kurdish culture through its agenda, both visual and written, as an individual and institutional responsibility.

Articles and papers uploaded on the website will be published in a series of books in the future. 

To publish and announce daily and Kurdish cultural events in an exclusive almanac produced by the HC.

Departmental Responsibilities:

Uploading materials to the website on a daily basis.

Keeping in regular contact with the assessors of essay and research publications.

Keeping in regular contact with translation and media and marketing departments, as well as the Facebook page administrator, to enhance quality and value

Presentation of weekly report sregarding data of activity and rate of uploading and downloading website materials.



Translation Department


To collect a core of competent translators from Soran University.

To present a project for the publication of curriculum books in all Faculties and departments of Soran University. 

To translate and prepare anthropological and scientific terms and other subject specific academic terminology used within Soran University

To translate important instructions and standardized measurements that are used in the writing of academic research material and which are unavailable or very uncommon in Kurdish. 

To link all the Faculties’ departments of Soran University to the HC to ensure that all staff are aware of, and use, the available resources such as translation and orthography.

To translate Soran University notices which are sent to the Faculties and Management, according to the Presidency overview, into the appropriate languages.

Departmental Responsibilities:

Encouraging university, and external university, translators to translate essential subjects for the university website in consultation with the cultural research department and the Presidency, approved by the university.

Consideration of subjects which are linked to Kurdish culture.

Specifying translation methods for the translation of foreign languages into Kurdish.

Translation and publication of Kurdish culture into foreign languages in order to share Kurdish culture and its literary folklore with international cultures.

Running and supervising English and Arabic language sections on the HC website.

Translation of the most frequent subjects on the website into English and Arabic.



Printing and Publishing Department


To select a group of chosen Kurdish books to fill in the gaps of available Kurdish cultural research along with collecting cultural artifacts.

To encourage teachers, students and followers of Kurdish culture to publish their products.

To reward teachers, students and folklorists for gathering literary folklore especially in the Soran University area.

To plan a strategy (for the future)to open an independently managed specialist printing and publication department at Soran University to facilitate in the publication of the Soran University magazine

To review and proofread all the subjects, articles, research of the website and Facebook page of HC.

Departmental Responsibilities:

Preparation and costing publishing draft (writing- proofreading).

Selling and distribution of the centre publications.

Supervising the publication process and recommending proofreaders in association with centre manager to make committees

Liaises financially between publishing houses and the management department.

Preparation of appropriate designs for particular editions according to the publication. The design contains the centre logo, serial number of publication and copyright.



Handren Centre Staff:

Dr. Halmat Bayz Rasul


Centre Director

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Sarwan Sediq Hasan

Assistant Translator

Member (MA student)

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Danar Abdullah Ibrahim

Assistant Translator

Kurdish Language teacher

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Sarbaz Majeed Omar

Assistant Researcher

Media Department

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Saman Latif Yahya

Assistant Researcher

Facebook page

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Shaysta Kareem Mahmoudy


New Contract

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