ICDL Centre


The ICDL Centre is regarded as one of the key centres of Soran University. It was founded on the 1st June 2013 with order number 1/1/2811. The foundation of the centre came after a contract was signed between Soran University and the ICDL GCC Foundation. The same foundation provided the centre with its license and permissions.

The ICDL Centre's responsibility is to develop and assess computer usage abilities. Therefore, anyone interested in taking an ICDL course and test can register their name in the administration department of the centre, located in the Presidency building of Soran University. After completing the course, the participants will be granted an international certificate of IT by ICDL GCC Foundation.


1. Mahdi Shekha Hamad, Head of Technical Unit

2. Rebwar Mustafa Sheikh Omar, Head of Administration


1. Mahdi Shekha Hamad

2. Sarhad Baiz

3. Didar Dilshad

4. Bnar Azad

Contact :

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