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Soran University's Manuscript Centre was founded on the 5th May 2015; its main responsibility is to preserve and archive manuscripts which have been written in the Kurdistan Region and throughout the world. This includes manuscripts which were written in Kurdish, Arabic, Persian and Turkish, or written by non-Kurds who wrote about Kurds. Most importantly manuscripts are sought to include personal letters, documents and books.

The archive process is as follows:

  1. Initially the centre is searching for manuscripts available in Soran town and acquires them through purchase or donation through social and personal contacts.. According to the information obtained by the centre, there are a number of manuscripts available in Soran and it will take more than a year to collect all of them.
  2. The second process, which is the most difficult phase, is to restore these manuscripts; If they are not legible or cannot be restored,  the centre will consult  experts available in Kurdistan for a solution.
  3. The restored manuscripts will be then be categorised and made available to the scientific committees of all faculty departments for research and they will be offered the use of the manuscripts  for research.

A: The centre will endeavour to contribute to the reformation process in higher education by making manuscripts a primary resource for research in higher education. Research throughout the world relies on manuscripts as primary and secondary resources in all fields of study. We aim to encourage all higher education students to use the restored manuscripts as resources for their research.

B: We know that there are manuscripts available in the region in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian languages. 

C: Finally, after compiling the archive of manuscripts, it is planned to liaise with all universities in Kurdistan, followed by consulates and representatives of foreign countries in Kurdistan, requesting access to copies of manuscripts they may hold relevant to Kurdistan, and offering copies of archived material at Soran University for research. If this objective is achieved it would be a great success and achievement for Soran University and for Kurdistan as a whole. 

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English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri