Mathematics Department

This is a new established department this year 2013. Students are accepted after completing grade twelve at school; they should have an interest in scientific subjects, particularly the fields of Mathematics. After their deegree completion, graduates will teach in basic schools and will teach Mathematics.

The aim of this department is to enable students with diverse academic, technical, and personal mathematical backgrounds to:

  • Apply critical and logical thinking to problem solving;
  • Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies, including technology, to investigate mathematical conjectures, to solve problems, and to judge the reasonableness of the results;
  • Use mathematical models to represent and understand quantitative relationships;
  • Recognize and apply mathematics in contexts outside of mathematics to interpret physical and social phenomena;
  • Use the language and symbols of mathematics to express mathematical ideas precisely;
  • Understand the role of mathematics in society;
  • Organize and consolidate mathematical thinking through written and oral communication;
  • Develop a relevant knowledge base in preparation for additional learning experiences in mathematics while enhancing their mathematical intuition;
  • Build individual confidence in their abilities to understand and apply mathematics.