Computer Science Department

The Department of Computer Science was established on 2009. The Department received its first year students in the 2009-2010 academic year.

Computer Science is one of the leading fields for scientific research and innovation in the world today. Its application has had a tremendous impact on people’s daily lives through such technologies as the World Wide Web and mobile computing; it is also a major source of jobs and economic growth in the world today, which we see in companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft. We believe that this digital revolution is still in its infancy and its impact will continue to grow, providing great career opportunities for those capable of taking them. To be able to take advantage of these opportunities an excellent Computer Science education is needed, along with the practical computing skills it provides.

Our mission is to provide our computing students with the Computer Science education that will allow them to fulfill their potential as computer scientists, and enable them to go on to take their part in successfully applying the computing technologies of today, and to engineer those of the future.

To fulfill this means, we will provide a rigorous course in the fundamentals of Computer Science, teaching the most up-to-date computing technology, and having staff and postgraduate students who are engaged in research at the cutting edge of Computer Science. It also means orienting our courses to the needs of Kurdistan’s growing computing and networking market, with a strong emphasis upon practical computing skills in the courses we teach.