On Wednesday, 14/4/2021, Soran University delegation led by Dr. Moslih Mustafa,  president  of Soran University, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice President of University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Hemin Mirani, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management and Dr. Ranjbar Balisani, the technical director of the university, visited Erbil province and was welcomed by a provincial delegation led by Erbil Governor, Omed Khoshnaw.



 On Wednesday, 16/12/2020, in a special ceremony, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of Soran University, a number of guests, authorities, activists from Horaman and a number of academics of Soran University, the  Center for Horaman studies was opened. At the beginning of the ceremony and after welcoming the audience, the president of Soran University was asked to deliver a speech.



 On Wednesday 4th March 2020, a ceremony to respect Mr. Dyar Maaz, who was leaving his post as Dean of the Faculty of Education; the ceremony was attended by Dr. Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, members of the university council, teachers, students and administration staff. The ceremony included the introduction and congratulation of  the new Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Sherzad Saeed.



A ceremony of appreciation was held on Wednesday 29th January 2020, attended by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, Vice Presidents, Deans of Facilities, Heads of departments, teachers, students and staffs; this ceremony of appreciation was for the achievements of Professor Dr Qais Kakil, who has served Soran University and the Faculty of Arts during the past years as Dean of the Faculty; he had an immense role in the academic progress of Soran University. In the same ceremony congratulations were given to the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr Karmand Abdullah.

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