Soran University President Meets the Students of Faculty of Education (Evening)

Evening Study

On the evening of the 26th, November 2014, Dr Muslih Mustafa, the President of Soran University, accompanied by Dr Nahro Zagros, Vice President for Scientific Affairs, and Dr Yadgar Rasul, Vice President for Students' Affairs, visited Faculty of Education and met with the students.

Dr Hiwa A. Balisane, Dean of the Faculty, gave a speech and warmly welcomed the University President, the Vice Presidents, the lecturers and the students. Then, all attendees at the meeting watched a video clip about Soran University.

As part of the meeting, Dr Muslih Mustafa delivered a speech. He expressed his pleasure at meeting the students and discussed many important subjects about Soran University and the process of studying in the University. He talked about the strategy of the University in improving the quality of studying and building important international ties with international universities. This, he continued, has made the university well known and made people expect a bright future of Soran University. At the end of his speech, Dr Muslih said that he hoped that students will benefit from the opportunity that they have been given.

After Dr. Muslih's speech, students asked him questions and voiced their comments and suggestions. The President of the University answered them all in detail.

Translated by: Karwan Özkürt