In a Visit to Mergesor,Soran University announces news of a faculty to be opened in the area.


On the 8th March 2015, a delegation from Soran University led by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, Vice Presidents and a group of lecturers and administrators visited Mergesor town and met with local officials.

The delegation told the local officials the news of the opening of a faculty in the area;it is hoped that necessary preparations will beginsoon. The delegation also assured the local officials that Soran University appreciates the service that the locals have done for this nation and the victims they have given in the last hundred years. They asserted that Soran University will do whatever it can for the people of Mergesor and practical steps will  be taken in thenear future. The citizens of the area welcomed the delegation warmly and described Soran University's actionas 'historic.'

English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri