The Turkish General Consul to the Kurdistan Region Visits Soran University

Turkish Consul At SU

On the 17th January 2016, the Turkish General Consul, Mr Mehmet Akif Inam, accompanied by a delegation, visited Soran University and was received by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University as well as the Vice Presidents of Soran University.

In the meeting, both parties focused on Soran University's academic relations with Turkish universities. They later discussed a mechanism to broaden this relationship. Mr Inam promised to facilitate legal affairs for any future projects between Soran University and Turkish universities.
The Turkish General Consul also visited Soran University's Delizyan Campus to see the projects that the university is undertaking to create an appropriate environment. He was astonished by the magnitude of Soran University's projects.
Mr Inam later visited Soran University's Faculty of Arts to present a seminar. In the seminar, he concentrated on Kurdistan-Turkey relations, and the political and economical problems of the region. He insisted on the importance of the education and higher education sectors. At the end of the seminar, the attendees were given chance to ask questions to which Mr Inam responded.
English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri