in  recognition of soran university several PHOTOGRAPHS of the nature of kurdistan are exhibited in the iraqi parliament

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On Thursday, 20th December 2018, a special photographic exhibition of Kurdistan nature, by two professional Kurdish photographers, Mr Hussain and Mr Muhmmed Saddiq, was opened in the Iraqi parliament; present were Dr Muhammed Halbusi, President of the Iraqi Parliament,  Hassn Kaabi, Dr. Basher Haddad, Vice President of the Iraqi parliament.

This exhibition, which was supervised by Dr. Muhammed Shaker, member of the Iraqi parliament, received a warm welcome from other members of parliament. In his speech for the Soran University media, Dr. Darbaz Salih, organizer of the exhibition, revealed that the exhibition was sponsored by Soran University and had various purposes, including:-

Familiarizing members of the Iraqi parliament with the magical, wonderful and unique nature of Kurdistan.

To create a new relationship between Iraq and the Kurdistan region, after being normalized by the visit of his Excellency Mr Masoud Barzani; we wish for a suitable relationship between us. All aims are in terms of focusing on living together. We thought that by demonstrating in such an innovative way we can have a positive effect to normalize views towards each other.

Dr. Darbaz Salih also explained to the audience that we wish we did not need to come from Erbil to Baghdad to show photographs of Kurdistan nature. We would like to have a good relationship with photographers from Baghdad, the middle and the south of Iraq, to be able to work together as this work can  encourage cultural interaction which could lead to social and political progress.

Dr. Darbaz Salih said that all the members of parliament, in particular the Kurdish members, gave a warm welcome to the exhibition.