Soran University and the Institute of Political Science of Grenoble Agree a Scientific Roadmap

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On Friday, 15, November 2019 a delegation from Soran University, led by his Excellency Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, accompanied by Dr Nahro Zagros, Vice President for Scientific Affairs and Dr. Adel Bakhawan, Head of the Iraqi Sociology Center of Soran University, had a meeting with Jean Marcou, Head of International Relations at Grenoble Scientific  Institute.

In the meeting Dr Muslih Mustafa spoke about Soran University. In his talk, he focused on the plans and strategy of the university. Although Soran University is a new university,  in terms of staff and students, and has few numbers of students, by following a true academic policy, team working, giving attention to the value of social affairs regarding religion and gender, paying attention to studying the Kurdish and English languages, changing the program of study as well as having strong international relations, the university will achieve an immense position on the Kurdistan academic map and will be a leading university.

Mr Jean Marcou came from Grenoble some 600 miles away from Paris, to meet the Soran University delegation; he talked about their institution, mentioning that the institution was established in 1948 and along with Paris and Bordeaux institutes, are the best.

In another part of his speech, he mentioned that, although their institute is public, they are independent in programming and affairs. He then said that their institute is part of Grenoble University, which is one of the great universities in France and in the One Hundred and Twenty Shanghai list. Mr Jean Marcou, spoke about their duty of consolidation and preparing new generations for leadership as well as educating a strong generation for the economy of our country;  he explained about the programs and the way of working and that they have a purpose to work internationally; they have an international study program which also includes Kurdistan. Students participating in this program should first show their capability and, if they are accepted, they will be able to learn the French language without tuition fees; in the third year they go out of France for research. He then added “we have more than 150 partnership agreements”.

After introducing the institutes to each other and the cooperation of their relationship, Mr Jean Marcou said “Soran University can connect with all parts of Grenoble University through our institute. We can exchange students at Bachelor and Master Levels as well as staff exchanges from ten days to three months.

After a long and fruitful discussion, we reached an agreement of a scientific roadmap and decided to sign the agreement in Kurdistan with a ceremony with the agreement including the academic staff exchanges, offering five seats for higher education students of Soran University for free, and arranging partnership conferences in Kurdistan and France.