Ceremony of Appreciation for the former Dean of the Faculty of Arts and A welcome for the new Dean



A ceremony of appreciation was held on Wednesday 29th January 2020, attended by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, Vice Presidents, Deans of Facilities, Heads of departments, teachers, students and staffs; this ceremony of appreciation was for the achievements of Professor Dr Qais Kakil, who has served Soran University and the Faculty of Arts during the past years as Dean of the Faculty; he had an immense role in the academic progress of Soran University. In the same ceremony congratulations were given to the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Dr Karmand Abdullah.

During the ceremony, each member of the University Council, representatives from the teachers, students and staff of the faculty, delivered speeches describing the nature of Dr. Qais as being very humble, honest, and hardworking; he has played a great part in the progress of the university. These speeches also mentioned the expertise of Dr. Karmand, that he is the right person for this position as he has developed his own ability by depending on himself; he will continue to lead the faculty in particular and Soran University in general towards more progress.  

In addition, as part of the ceremony, Basna Qais Kakil delivered a speech expressing her feelings towards her father and other staff. Dr Qais then thanked the audience who had supported him during the period of his Deanship and declared that the Faculty of Arts was always his second home.

Dr Karmand Abdullah, the new Dean of the Faculty of Arts delivered a speech expressing his gratitude for being entrusted with this position. He also expressed his appreciation to the previous Dean in leading the faculty; in another part of his speech he assured everyone that he will take advantage of the past experience to provide a successful future.

Dr. Muslih, President of Soran University delivered a speech expressing his appreciation for the work and honesty of Dr Qais, who had always endeavored to serve the Faculty of Arts. His Excellency then congratulated Dr Karmand; he described him as someone who developed his own ability in the most successful  way which will lead him to great success in his new job.

At the end of the ceremony, a present from each from the University and Faculty council members was given to Dr. Qais.

Dr Karmand Abdullah is a lecturer at Soran University; he graduated with his Doctorate from Exeter University in the UK. He is also the Director of Pedagogy in the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Report by: Zebar Azizkhan

Photo by: Hady Hussen / Fareed Qader