On Wednesday 4th March 2020, a ceremony to respect Mr. Dyar Maaz, who was leaving his post as Dean of the Faculty of Education; the ceremony was attended by Dr. Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, members of the university council, teachers, students and administration staff. The ceremony included the introduction and congratulation of  the new Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Sherzad Saeed.

Each of the University council members as well as the Faculty Council delivered speeches which described how Mr. Dyar had served the Faculty and University in a perfect manner as a young and qualified person and wished him great success in his future duty. They described Dr. Sherzad Saeed as hard working with an immense role when he was the Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Arts so was assured that he will be successful in his new position.

The President of the University then delivered a speech speaking of these two academic people describing them as serious, trustworthy and with competency and experience. He expressed his appreciation and gratitude to them both. Mr Dyar Maaz also delivered a speech and thanked all of the audience from the University Presidency to teachers and the staff of the Education Faculty, who had contributed a great deal in terms of enhancing progress and development. He also congratulated the new dean on his new position and indicated his readiness for any collaboration .

 Dr. Sherzad Saeed, the new Dean of Faculty of Education then delivered a speech, expressing his appreciation to the former Dean for his endeavors saying that he will benefit from this previous experience. He thanked the University President and the Faculty Council for giving him such trust and promised to work to take the Faculty towards further success with team work as the former Dean had worked in partnership with the staff. Following the speeches, a gift of appreciation from the University Presidency and University Council and staff was presented to Mr.  Dyar Maaz.


Photo by: Fareed Qader

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