The Vice President of the Kurdistan Parliament was awarded with PhD degree in Soran University



Hemn Hawrami, vice president  of  Kurdistan Parliament was awarded a PhD degree in International Relations in Soran University.  Today, Wednesday, Dec 9, 2020, the examination of the PhD thesis was held in English language under the title “An Analysis of the European Union's Foreign Policy Challenges in the Middle East”. 

The jury committee was a team consisting of  international and local members as following:

  - Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ihsan  (King’s College London)

 - Assist. Prof. Najel Mark  (Kurdistan University- Erbil)

- Assist. Prof. Giovanni Maria (Kurdistan University-Erbil)

 - Assist. prof. Othman Ali (Salahaddin University-Erbil)

- Assist. Prof. Hussein Mazhar Khalaf (Baghdad University)

The thesis was under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Sherzad Najar.  After an intensive discussion for more than 4 hours, the thesis was approved and the PhD degree was awarded to the candidate. Dr. Hawrami, after receiving the PhD degree, stated “ obtaining a PhD degree is an honorable achievement for anyone, but for me I really feel proud for obtaining the PhD degree in a leading university in my region”. Dr. Hemin Hawrami is from Halabja, he was born in March 1976. He got a bachelor's degree in English literature and his master's degree is in International Relations and has published 8 books in several fields. He was elected as a chairman of Kurdistan Parliament in 2018, and he has been the vice president of Kurdistan Parliament since 2019.