On Wednesday, 16/12/2020, in a special ceremony, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president of Soran University, a number of guests, authorities, activists from Horaman and a number of academics of Soran University, the  Center for Horaman studies was opened. At the beginning of the ceremony and after welcoming the audience, the president of Soran University was asked to deliver a speech.

Despite the warm greeting to the audience and expressing his pleasure in such a meeting, The university president pointed out that the opening of Horaman Center was based on a certain idea, necessity, and availability of scientific and professional capacity. In another part of his speech, Dr. Muslih focused on Kurdology as an umbrella for collecting research subjects related to Kurdistan, and said "Kurdology as a professional field and as a part of the discussion of the questions and subjects related to the Kurdistan community previously and recently, needs intensive review on both sides. First, it is a significant part of the line of Kurdish works in the other's perspective. Second, sufficient consideration isn’t given to all the construct sides of Kurdish community. This has resulted in a negative influence on our identity and the personality of our community as individuals or community”. He further added "We believe that we need to involve all the works of our history and read them in different ways, so that we can show ourselves as the doer of this informational process. On the other hand, we need to reach a multiple and local understanding of ourselves”.

In another part of his speech, the president of Soran University pointed out that in an attempt to find a true revival of our life, we should all know ourselves and discuss with our past and find the same discussion between the basic parts of our existence. In this regard, he claimed "Horaman has an important place in the history of Kurdistan, but unfortunately it has remained unknown in many areas and has not entered into a discussion with itself or with neighbors". This is when we look back at the past, the style and culture of social life, dealing with nature, literature, art, religion, and many other issues in this area. This is going to be clear that we have a strong and intellectual cultural resource, if we familiarize it, put it in the general context of our society and share it in discussion. He also pointed out that this is not necessary only for Horaman center, but also for many other hidden sides of history and identity, and this is the duty of scientific centers to take them into consideration.

In another part of the ceremony, Dr. Hazhar Ahmad, a co-manager of the center, delivered a speech about the goals of the center. At the beginning of his speech, he welcomed everyone and focused on the role of the academic centers to use their skills and expertise in evaluating the subjects, and this project comes as Soran University realized the value of the subject and estimated its qualification and ability. Then he focused on the most important aims of this center in the future, both in collecting, protecting, and analyzing the cultural resources of the area by conducting research, and finally sharing in the productive and cultural usage in the society. This is in addition to giving attention to Horami writing and translation in order to open a gate of understanding as an important part of our national and historical resources. In the last part of his speech, he thanked the president of Soran University and the university council for welcoming the idea of opening the center.

Later on, Dr. Fazil Hama Saeed, another co-manager of the center, presented a speech, in which, he welcomed the attendees and talked about the importance of understanding the different colorful variety of the people and the development of the nation as connected to this understanding of this variety. Then with the representative of the intellectuals and cultural activists of Horaman, Dr. Sadiq Sargarati presented a statement. In addition to thanking and aknowledging the presidency of Soran University and those who participated in founding the center, he considered the project as another unique achievement of Soran University, and talked about the characteristics of the strategy of this university. They are optimistic concerning  the significant consequences of the center for achieving its goals and success.

In the last part of the ceremony, as a respect and appreciation to those who served the Horaman culture, thank and appreciation statements were sent to some personalities. To start with, as the recognition of the attempts of the president of Soran University in supporting the project and establishing the center, the Horaman Center found it necessity to thank and appreciate Dr. Muslih’s efforts.

Then the following people were awarded gratitude and appreciation by the president of Soran University, as Horaman's cultural activists, who had a prominent role in serving the culture of that area.

  • Jamal Bedar
  • Dr. Najih Gulpi
  • Jalil Abbasi
  • Aram Mustaufi

 -Namiq Harwamy

  • (Home of Horaman women)
  • The cultural Center of Horaman

- Zhiwa Center

It is worth to be said that all the participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to Soran University and valued the steps taken by the Soran University and promised their cooperation to the center. In this ceremony, Mr. Namiq Horami, as an appreciation for the opening of this center, presented half of his library and also a large number of digital manuscripts to the center.


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