Soran University and Erbil governorate signed a memondarum of understanding


 On Wednesday, 14/4/2021, Soran University delegation led by Dr. Moslih Mustafa,  president  of Soran University, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Vice President of University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Hemin Mirani, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Management and Dr. Ranjbar Balisani, the technical director of the university, visited Erbil province and was welcomed by a provincial delegation led by Erbil Governor, Omed Khoshnaw.

At the beginning of the meeting, despite both sides expressing their delight for the meeting, the cooperation between government institutions and the need for Kurdistan universities to engage in providing consultation and frameworks for government institutions were addressed. In another part of the meeting, a presentation was given by Mr. Ranjbar Balisani on the program prepared by Soran University for Erbil province, which was agreed upon in September 2020 with the late Governor of Erbil, Dr. Farsat Sofi. The application, which will be available soon, is ready to strengthen the relationship between te residents and the province.

In response, the Governor expressed his gratitude to Soran University and demonstrated his appreciation for their efforts.

Moreover, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the president of Soran University and Erbil governor for the purpose of continuing cooperation between the two sides.  It should be noted that after the meeting, the details of the application and the signed memos from both institutions were discussed at a press conference.

  The following  is the link to the press conference that was broadcasted live by Redaw: