Implementation of an environmental project by Soran University



Following the announcement of the idea of an environmental project by Soran University, on Wednesday, 21/4/2021, in the presence of Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the president of Soran University, a number of the university council members and a remarkable number of teachers and students, the project began.

"This is a long-term initiative and a part of the university's overall strategy for respecting the environment, keeping it beautiful and green as well as caring about planting," said Fahd Karim, director of Soran University Service Directorate and project supervisor. "According to this project, every student of Soran University is required to plant a plant during their study in the university." the director added.

It should be noted that the university president gave a speech in the first step of implementing the project, emphasizing on the value of such works and initiatives, which were a major part of the university's view of nature and environment, and wished them a great success.