Soran University held its 11th Graduation Ceremony



On Wednesday, 30/6/2021, in an event attended by Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the president of Soran University, University Council members and a significant number of lecturers, as well as graduated students from 2019-2020, the 11th graduation ceremony of the university was held.

The ceremony was opened with the arrival of the University Council, which was timed to coordinate with university anthem and marches. Then, the attendees sung Ayraqib anthem and stood in silence for a moment to respect the spirit of the martyrs of Kurdistan.

Then the speech of the high committee of the ceremony organization was delivered by Assist. Prof Dr. Yadgar Rasul, the vice president  of the university for the students' affairs and the head of the high committee, which, despite congratulating their students, he mentioned the number of graduates and the reasons for the ceremony delay.

Following that, Dr. Muslih Mustafa, president  of Soran University, delivered a speech, in which he focused on the unusual situation of the corona virus and the ongoing efforts of Soran University. Further, in order to continue studying and find a new way, he highlighted and stated "Your university, as always, has created a significant opportunity to improve its abilities, its staff and students in this unusual situation, we were the first university to restart studying after the general quarantine in March 2020. We planned to restart the study and became the first university to go on through virtual sessions in April 2020, and we gathered teachers and students from an electronic class like the world's most advanced universities. You receive certificate of the university today at a young age, but with  academic achievements and a high reputation and it is a bright name in Kurdistan, Iraq, in the region and the world. A graduate of Soran University once said that  when we first started in 2009, students protested and demanded not to be given a university degree in Soran. But today, just after a decade, they proudly identify themselves as graduates of Soran university.

Then a speech was delivered by Mardin Amir, a graduate of Soran University, in which she expressed gratitude and appreciation to the staff of the university in general, she also pointed out that they are doing their best to devote themselves to science in the service of Kurdistan.

After that, the graduates took the oath of graduation, which was given by Dr. Muhammad Ali Hussein, the vice president  of  University for Scientific Affairs, and repeated by the students afterwards.

In another part of the ceremony, deans of faculties  asked for certificates for students, who were given certificates by the university president.

In the last part of the event, with the representative of the graduated students, the first top students in every department were called to the stage and were given a bachelor's degree by the resident of the University.

 It is worth to be said that during this course of graduation, 1177 students received bachelor's degrees from twenty-eight scientific departments.