On Sunday, 8/8/2021, in the presence of Dr. Aram Muhammad, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, an accompanied delegation, governmental and  official  personalities in Soran region, and a number of the Soran University Council members and teachers,  Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, was appointed as the new president of Soran University.

The inauguration ceremony was held throughout a meeting staring with a speech delivered by the Minister of Higher Education. In addition to expressing his delight for the opportunity to visit Soran University, Dr. Aram, the minister, congratulated the new president of Soran University and wished him a great success. Further, he highlighted the historical position of Soran in Kurdish political history as well as the sacrifices made in this area adding “Soran university is a small gift from the Kurdistan regional government for all those sacrifices”.

In another part of his speech, the Minister of Higher Education pointed out the significant role of Soran University, which is the product of hard work from the university's staff, and sacrifice, and expressed his wish for further growth.

During his speech, he highlighted the necessity for educating the national academic staff in the process of studying subjects with the spirit of patriotism to connect with the fact of the sacrifice’s made by the ancestors of this region, they did their duty, and now it is the turn of descendants to do the same and step with a spirit of nationalism.                    

Finally, Dr. Aram concluded is remarks by congratulating the new president of Soran University expressing the ministry’s full support of the Ministry for him and Soran University, he also thanked Dr. Muslih Mustafa, the former president of Soran University, and hoped him a great success in the coming stages of his life.

In another part of the meeting, a speech was delivered by Dr. Abdulfattah Abdul-Razaq, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, in which he congratulated Dr. Sherwan Sharif, the new president of Soran University, and reiterated the hope of success and support of the ministry for him and Soran university.

Following this, Dr. Sherwan Sharif, the new president of Soran University, presented a speech and welcomed the guests and attendees and thanked them for their support and solidarity for Soran University. He also expressed his gratitude  to the former president of Soran University for his efforts and services, then he focused on the characteristics of  Soran University as well as the great efforts and high responsibility of teachers, employees and also the students of the university, all of whom contributed to Soran university’s high ranking, and hoped that all parties with the support of the Ministry of Higher Education can bring Soran University to a greater success.


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