On Wednesday, September 1st , 2021, which was the first day of the academic year 2021-2022, Dr. Sherwan Sharif, president of Soran University met with the academic staff of the university in the presence of the members of the university council.

In the meeting, which was intended to congratulate the new academic year and clarify the vision and strategies of the  president for the new academic year, the president of Soran University identified and clarified the most important points of interest in  his consideration.

At the beginning of the meeting, the president of university, in addition to welcoming all teachers, congratulated them on the new academic year, wished a year full of success and achievement for all parties.

 In another part of the meeting, Dr. Sherwan showed the message and vision of the university and emphasized that the university's vision is based on that Soran university and its academic reputation will be remain high not only at the local level, but also at an international level, he assured the achievement of this by the effort of the university's academic staff. Further, he pointed out the possibility of achieving this goal due to the high ability of the university's academic staff.

In another part of his speech about the university's vision and message, the president of Soran University highlighted the effectiveness of the university's performance within the community and the integration of the university in the business marketing, hoping that they all would work for that goal.

 Then, the president of the university talked about the students' views and pointed out that the student should be the centre of learning, this is due to its role in helping the students to achieve confidence and success, who can eventually easily take part in the business marketing and  serve the community.

In another part, Dr. Sherwan talked about the importance of the scientific committee of the departments, who defined them as the centre of academic decisions of Soran university, insisting that the scientific committees should play a great role in raising the level of science and setting scientific plan, not only for the university, but also for an extended  level to set more broadly  program for  the services of the community.

 Moreover, the president of the  university mentioned scientific research and emphasized on diversifying the researches according to levels and fields, based on characteristics of the specialties, the ability to publish researches in university and the most popular journals in the world. He also highlighted the fact that the researches should be purposeful with the aim to directly connect them to the community and its current issues.

 In the last part of his speech, he talked about the cultural works, considering them as a necessary part for the university to play a great role in the production of culture. This could be done by focusing on different fields such as art, literary works, environmental protection, sports, etc. Finally, he briefed and hoped that teachers and the head of the departments would be aware of the students' interest and abilities, so that they could eventually improve their abilities in different cultural fields outside their studies and specialities.


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