Soran University and Board of Investment increase their coordination

Several investment projects will be implemented at Soran University.

Soran University (SU) will witness the implementation of several projects, which will be implemented in coordination with Board of Investment. Both the public and private sectors will play a role in these projects. The University Board of Investment also agreed to conduct research in agricultural economics.

A delegation from the Presidency of SU in Erbil visited the Board of Investment on Wednesday, August 3, 2022. The delegation was received by Dr. Mohammed Shokri, Head of the Board. The University delegation was headed by Mr. AP. Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, President of the University, accompanied by Dr. Sirwan Zand, President’s assistant for Scientific Affairs, and Dr. Rizgar Saeed President’s assistant for students’ affairs.

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to cooperation between SU and the Board of Investment. The two sides agreed to do more joint work. Several investment projects are scheduled to be implemented within the University in the near future. For its part, SU will undertake research on investment in agriculture and industry and will assign its researchers to this work.

In preparation for the 2022-2023 academic year, SU seeks to give a new impetus to university work. In this regard, it will work on projects and plans that play a role in pushing the scientific process forward.

Report: Zahra Samad

Photo: Board of Investment