Address by Soran University President at the start of the New Academic Year for First-Year students


Dear first-year students

Good times, congratulations on your acceptance into the university, and welcome to Soran University, the first in Kurdistan Region universities, and among the first in all of Iraq. I congratulate you on the new academic year and the start of your study. We at the Presidency of Soran University are pleased to accept you and start your study. We are optimistic that we will be able to put all our abilities at the service of a worthy beginning for a new year and a new phase of your studies.

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Soran University has accepted students in 5 faculties and 25 different scientific departments. Each of these sections has its own importance. It is certain that studying in any of these departments is beneficial, tasteful, and uncomfortable as well. However, we are certain that graduates of these departments can fill a void in Kurdistan society and provide services. Therefore, if you start your studies as a student in one of the scientific departments, you will graduate after four years as people equipped with science and knowledge, and start your next stage based on what you have learned during those four years.

Dear ones, remember that the biggest goal is the next four years when you complete your study; It is, therefore, important that you prepare yourself from now on for your community after graduation. After four years, the work will be done with more abilities that you have gained from a bare certificate of skills and talents. Society will become more open to the world and more advanced internally in the use of technology, software, and hardware. It is important, therefore, to learn from now another living language in the world along with the Kurdish language. And that you make proper and appropriate use of information and communication technologies, and we will support and help you with that.

We at Soran University apply the student-centered principle in all its dimensions, which means that as your rights increase, so will your obligations as students. In the educational system of Soran University, the intelligent, active, critical, reader, and thinker have more chances of success. Hence, try to decide and plan from now on to become one of these students. The university will pledge all forms of support to you and open the doors for your progress and success. As in the past, in the context of programs such as summer training at home and programs such as the exchange of students abroad, we have provided these opportunities to further develop the capacities of our students. All of this is part of our ongoing efforts at the university to serve you, such as providing the best education systems and methods, teachers, staff, and the overall educational environment.

In conclusion, I would like to welcome you on my behalf and on behalf of all the teachers and staff of Soran University. I assure you that you will receive all support in the service of science and knowledge. The strategy of our work at the university is to employ material and human abilities to serve students and researchers to learn as much science as possible and to provide the greatest scientific benefit.

AP.Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas

Soran University President