A Forum is Held to Introduce the University to First-Stage Students


 On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, a forum was held to introduce Soran University to first-stage students. The forum was attended by AP. Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, Soran University’s President, and Halgord Shekh Najib, Supervisor of Soran Independent Administration, first-stage students of all faculties, and a number of university lecturers and staff.

The forum began by standing silently as the national anthem was played. Then, Dr. Rizgar Dr. Rizgar Saeed President’s assistant for students’ affairs, welcomed the attendees on behalf of the Higher Organizing Committee. Afterward, Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas gave a speech, thanking the organizers of the forum, noting that the university represents a golden opportunity for students to develop their academic and scientific abilities. He also said: "It is important for a student to have a passion for science and information from the first year to make his mark on science and knowledge. He highlighted the high level of Soran University, with the latest rankings showing that the status of Soran University among local and international academic and scientific agencies and institutions is at a prominent and accredited level, and ranks first in Kurdistan Region.

Halgord Shekh Najib, Supervisor of Soran Independent Administration, then delivered a speech in which he thanked the members of the University Presidency and the organizers of the Forum, highlighting the difference between secondary and university education. He noted that university students can exceed the limits of their expertise, hence, the university is an opportunity to develop hidden skills. He welcomed the first-stage students, especially those who came from outside the independent administration of Soran.  He said "This is your city, and we will do our utmost with the presidency of Soran University to serve you."

In the following part, three graduates and three current students from Soran University spoke about their academic experiences and their lives at the University. They tried to guide the first-grade students and pass on their experience to them.

After that, two-panel discussions were held, the first entitled "The Role and Importance of the University in Raising the Individual: From Human Building to Nation Building." It was moderated by Hazha Chicho. It was attended by Prof.Dr Sirwan Zand, Dr. Rizgar Saeed, Dr. Jamal Ismail Kak Rasul, Dr. Karmand Abdullah Hamad. The second-panel discussion, entitled "Duties and Rights of University Students," was moderated by Dr. Karzan Mohamed Khalid, with the participation of Dr. Himdad Faisal, Dr. Media Ibrahim, Dr. Karwan Kaka Bra, and, Lect. Hoshing Dara.

The forum concluded its final part by recording videos and taking memorial photos by students.