Presentation of the Book: A Peshmarga in the Service of Barzani’s Approach, Haji Berokhi



On Sunday, December 4, 2022, the Department of History in the Faculty of Arts- Soran University held a seminar at Beshkji Hall, where it presented the book "Peshmerga in the service of Barzani's approach, Haji Berokhi ". The seminar was entitled: Status of the Soran region and its figures in the Kurdish Liberation Movement, and their reflections in the book: Peshmerga in the service of the Barzani approach, Haji Berokhi. The seminar was attended by a large number of students, lecturers, guests and employees.

The book was written by researcher and writer Ghazi Adel Gardi. The ceremony began with a short video about the life and struggle of Haji Berokhi. He then spoke about how the idea of writing and the drafting and revision phases of the book were formulated. He also highlighted the status of the Soran region and its figures in the Kurdish Liberation Movement and their reflections in the book. "I may be the only person to feel proud that President Masoud Barzani himself has reviewed and enriched the book with his comments and notes. So, the copy of the book with the President’s notes, made me keep it as a proud memory.”

 "The title of this book carries the name Haji Berokhi, but it contains the biographies and the bravery of all the peshmergas and commanders who were once Haji Berokhi's comrades in arms and struggle," he said. "Any figure in the book can become a resource for Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate research."

The seminar was enriched by the audience’s comments and remarks.  In the last section of the ceremony, Mr. Ghazi Gardi presented copies of his book with his signature to the audience. He was also honored by the presidency of the History Department