Dr Nazand Bagixany visiting Soran

Dr Nazand Bagixany

During a recent visit to Soran University, “Dr. Nazand Bagixany”, expert in gender issues and regional government president counselor, delivered some lectures for the students of the Sociology department in the Faculty of Arts. She also hoped that with the help of Soran University in future she can do some serious activates in the gender field in Kurdistan.

“Dr Bagixany” said about Soran University that "according to my exploration of Soran university, I conclude that it is a transparent and open university looking towards the outer world and that international standards are valued and implemented in it. She also appreciated the warm welcome that she received in the presidency and other parts in the university. In an interview with Dr. Bagixany, she dwelled upon that the gender issue as an important issue, and stated that working on this issue should be extended to a wider level which includes all of society, like government offices, universities, civil communal organizations, etc. Worth mentioning "Dr. Nazand" is a Kurdish poetess, author, and a significant academic figure. She has lived abroad for 27 years and studied in Bristol and Sorbonne universities, and she got her PhD in Sorbonne university. She has also worked with significant world presses such as the BBC and Lomond.

Translator: Roshna Rasheed

Reviewer: Dr Muli

Photo: Soran Mohamad