A young staff awarded for his translation capabilities

Zebar Award

Zebar Aziz Khan, an employee in the Directorate of Media at Soran University, has translated 19 books into Kurdish and this puts him among Kurdistan’s most skillful people. He has won Young Person of the Year’s Award in the field of translation.

At the age of 25, Zebar has a unique desire towards translation, and this has led him to do such noticeable work in the field of translation during a short period in his life. He thinks that his desire for translation is the result of his intention for viewing the world and other different cultures through a wider sight.

In his opinion, academic translation is an urgent task, in order to give people more power and knowledge. It is important for them to decide on right and wrong, and see life from a wider angle.

According to Zebar, translation is the basic point for invention. Thus he says, ‘having influential academic translators indicates the existence of invention.’

At last what is worth mentioning; Universities and other academic centers need to take the aspect of translation into more consideration and assist Zebar and the like, so as to open new gates for a brighter future.


Report: TwanaTaha

Translator: Shamal

Reviewer: Dr. Muli