Soran University President in an open debate with Soran Citizens

Soran University President in an Open Debate with Local Citizens

On April 27, 2014 Soran University President, Dr. Muslih Mustafa attended an open debate with Soran citizens so as to attain a closer attention to their comments and suggestions from different academic levels and backgrounds.

After the start of the gathering and welcoming guests, University president showed University’s great desire to get ideas and suggestions based on a social and local perspective which are significant for the University to play a more active role in society. Following that, Dr. Muslih shade light on Soran University’s achievements and explained that achievements are noticeable and high regarded comparing to old universities with big historical background, but they still do not catch the aim of university’s academic staff. Thus there should be more hard work and effort.

In another part of his speech, Soran University President added, ‘from the early beginning of University’s foundation, we had many obstacles, but we have never regarded them as justifications to slow down our efforts. Thus we were able to success in many aspects and present new instances.’

Finally, guests could ask different questions. All the questions were thoroughly answered by the University President. Worth mentioning, the debate lasted for an hour and a half and concluded in an academic and genial environment.


Translator: Shamal Abdullah