Students Annual Conference at the Faculty of Education

Students Annual Conference Faculty Of Education

On 19/5/2014 the student annual conference was held and the representative of Soran University's presendicy and the deans of other faculties and a large number of students attended it.

In the beginning of the ceremony Dr. Hiwa Balisany ,the dean of the faculty of education delivered a speech and in a hope that this activity drives students towards an encouragement environment and with the help of their teachers make them to pursue their academic researches.

Then Dr. Yadgar Rasul the vice president of Soran University for student affairs gave a speech on behalf of the president of Soran University. He started off with thanking the academic committee and the administrators in the faculty of Education, and wishing them all the success, mentioning that this sustainable activity of faculty of education is an attempt for obtaining the scientific strategies and goals for the university.

In another section of the conference, Dr. Hawre Mansur Bag has delivered a topic about writing scientific research at an international level. He shed a light on the ranking of Soran university and the quality and quantity of publishing scientific research by the researchers from this university. He also said that despite the fact that this attempt compared to the world and other famous universities in the world is not so remarkable, but with comparing our recently established university to other advanced university, would be something promising itself.

In another part of conference activities, the students of general science department, Kurdish department and the school of sport presented their researches for the audience via projectors with the help of their instructors and supervisors.

Finally, after delivering the topics the successful researchers who selected by the scientific committee were rewarded.

After rewarding the staff, Dr.Hawre Mansur Bag the vice president of Soran university for scientific affairs ended the conference with a speech. In his short speech he showed his appreciation and admiration for the brightness and self confidence of students from the faculty of Education.

It is worth mentioning that most of the audience in the conference evaluated this activity of faculty of education as a scientific and successful activity performance.

Report and photo: Rozhhat Mahdi

Translator: Roshna Rasheed