Dr. Bagixany: misunderstanding about gender exists in Kurdistan.

An Interview With Dr Nazand Begixani

In a short one day-visit to Soran University, Dr. Bagixany explained her visit and talked about the case of gender as well as delivering some lectures on ‘Gender’.

She showed her pleasure on her visit to Soarn University, and pointed to the position of the University as a standard international university. She hoped to have some serious projects via her current relation to Soran University.

In the course of the interview on ‘Gender and other feministic aspects’, Dr. Nazand from British Bristol University expressed her views:

In the definition of ‘Gender’, she explained that Gender reflects the aspects which develop the case of manhood and womanhood. She continued and highlighted, ‘unfortunately in Kurdistan ‘Gender’ is taken in another way and it is mostly linked to the sexual aspect’.

In another part of the interview, Dr. Bagixany was sorry about this case, in which it has not seriously taken into consideration inside Kurdistan. She urged more attempts will have been done on the case and transfer it to governmental institutions, social and communal organizations, Universities in general and other society aspects.

For the answer of ‘why talking on these cases results in problems’, she said,‘the cause of this is that we talk about a very sensitive aspect (woman)’.

In the answer for another question, she commented on controlling women over the course of history that led women to feel being belittled. This caused the community to remain as a patriarchal one and she thought, ‘women are the causes of producing a patriarchal society’.

Translator: Shamal

photo: Soran Mohamad