Typing competition held at Soran University

Typing Competition At Soran University

On Monday 23-6-2014, Soran University held the first annual typing competition in which students, employees and instructors of Soran University took part in it. It was held to show the ability and skills of the participants.

After the announcement of typing competition in Soran University, a large number of students, employees and instructors enrolled themselves for the competition. At 10 am of Monday with the attendance of the candidates the competition was run.

The competition was done in form of two people competing in 5 levels. Finally the competition was finished between two students: "Hemn Burhan Hamaxan" in faculty of science and engineering and "Snar Zaki Fransy" in faculty of Law. After a severe and serious competition, Snar Zaki could win.

Mr. Hiwa Kurdistany, the supervisor of the competition, highly appreciated the competition and found it successful. He also ensured that the competition was serious, equal and fair. The students could show their ability and skills and could become the main characters in the competition. He also mentioned that instructors, employees and students in Soran University are very strong and owned skills but they must be given some chances to show their abilities and skills.


Report and photo: Rojhat Mahdi

Translator: Roshna Rasheed