Current Iraq and the Independence of Kurdistan

Southern Illinois University

On 7/72014, at the College of law of South Illinois University in the USA, UN-US organization arranged a seminar for (Mr. Nasir Ahmed  Yahya), who is a professor at Soran University and a PhD student in the USA. The seminar was about Iraqi situation and the independence of Kurdistan.

A huge number of professors, students and other figures of the host university attended the seminar. Mr. Nasir talked about Iraqi condition after attacks by the ISIS, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. He concentrated on the factors of Iraqi unrest escalation. Later, he focused on the motives for the independence of Kurdistan. By tackling the subject scientifically, focusing on the Kurdish history, their oppression and the current condition of Iraq, Mr. Nasir tried to attract the attendants' attention to the independence of Kurdistan positively. The atmosphere of the seminar was warm due to the enthusiasm of the attendants.  

It is worth mentioning that UN-US organization sponsored this seminar and this organization is a collaborator between UN and the USA.

Translator: Karwan Özkürt