Soran University Makes a Scientific and Important Plan with One of the Renowned Universities in the World


On the 28th April 2015, in the presence of Dr Yusuf Goran, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Affairs, Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University, Dr Paul Boyle, Vice Chancellor of the University of Leicester, Mr Farhan Jawhar, Kurdish Member of Parliament and Mr Krmanj Izzet, Mayor of Soran and representing the  Governor of Erbil, as well as officials and lecturers, Soran University and the University of Leicester, signed a legal contract strengthening their academic ties. This is another significant achievement for Soran University in its quest for excellence.

As part of the event, Dr Yusuf Goran, Dr Paul Boyle, Mr Farhan Jawhar, Mr Krmanj Izzet, and Dr Muslih Mustafa each gave a talk.

Each speaker pointed out the significance of this project and evaluated it. They all believed that it will have an essential role in developing the higher education sector. Dr Yusuf Goran focused on the role of the project in linking the Kurdistan Region to the rest of the world; he declared the Kurdistan Government’s support for this initiative.

Dr Paul Boyle, in his speech, expressed his happiness about signing this contract. He hoped that the project will proceed well. He also said that his university plans to work with Soran University in the agriculture and archeology sectors in Kurdistan. His last words were: “Let’s go forward to the future together.”

Both Mr Farhan Jawhar and Mr Krmanj Izzet congratulated Soran University for this achievement and gave their thanks. They also declared their support for the success of the Soran University’s scientific researches, which are important for the Kurdistan Region as a whole and Soran City in particular.

At the end of the event, Soran University’s Dr Muslih Mustafa thanked everyone who had helped in the success of the project and stated that signing such a contract with a renowned university used to be a dream but that dream has become reality. Then there was a visit to the CLAD Center which is regarded as one of the most successful language learning centers.

According to the plan, both universities will further strengthen their academic ties, exchange lecturers and academic staff and, in the near future, a University of Leicester campus will be opened at Soran University which will further strengthen relationships.