Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq Visited Soran University

Iraqi MOHE Minister At Soran Uni


A delegation from the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MoHESR) led by His Excellency Prof Dr Abdul-Razaq Abdul-Jaleel Al-Issa, Minister of the MoHESR with Prof Dr Salam Khoshnaw, Deputy Minister for MoHESR and accompanied by a delegation from the Kurdistan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, visited Soran University on the 4thNovember; they were warmly received by Dr Muslih Mustafa, President of Soran University as well as the Vice Presidents and staff. After the warm welcome they received at the Presidency, the delegation was taken to Soran University's new campus in Delizyan where the delegation visited the Scientific Research Centre and was provided with information about the various areas of the centre. Dr Kamal Odesho, Director of the Centre, and Dr Hiwa Balisane, Dean of the Faculty of Education, gave presentations on the history of Soran University, how it has progressed to its current status and developed its electronic campus. 

A press conference was later arranged for Professor Al-Issa and Dr Muslih Mustafa. Professor Al-Issa expressed his delight in the visit and his surprise at Soran University's progress; hoped further success for Soran University. During the press conference, a question was asked by a journalist onthe verification level of universities. The Minister's reply was that the ministry sends special committees for this purpose; they visit universities and evaluate the level of progress then decide on the level of verification. Regarding Soran University, he said that ''based on its scientific success, the high scientific level it owns, and the way it works (today I observed all) there is no need to send any committee, it’s already verified!''
Soran University's developing campus, Bapshtyan Campus, was the final area to be visited by the delegation. The campus engineers explained the architectural details of the campus and this confounded and surprised the minister.
Professor Al-Issa described Soran University's experience as 'successful.' He finally said that ‘today, Soran University is a ‘common-bright’ scientific name on the academic map of Iraq.' He repeatedly confirmed that the successful experience of Soran University must be transmitted to other Iraqi universities.

English Translation: Karwan Fayzi Dri