Soran University and Certain International Academic Institutions are Developing their Academic Relations          

In the context of their international academic relations, on 14/9/2021, a German Archaeological team led by Dr. Tim kreig, from Kiel University and Dr. Tobias Holmes from Meinz University visited Soran University and were welcomed by Dr. Sherwan Sharif Qurtas, president of  Soran University.

In addition to expressing their delight for the visit and the development of their relations, the guest delegation highlighted the spectrum of their collaborative work with the University of Soran and talked about some of their activities and programs.

 In addition to welcoming the team, the president of the university emphasized  on the importance of building relationships and conducting collaborative research, as well  as expressing his support  for the collaborative research (especially in the field of Archeology), exchanging experiences, teaching and supervising higher education students.

  It should be noted that the two sides are currently working on two historical sites, Ashkawta Rash and Grdadasht, with the presence of a scientific team consisting of some experts from the University of Keil, Meinz, Halle, Stavanger and seven specialists at the University of Soran( consist of seven teachers, researchers and higher education students).

It should also be noted that in the past, there has been constant contact between the Center for Scientific Research and those centers, particularly in the field of supervising higher education students (Master and PhD students).