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Student Exchange Program between Soran University and Sapienza University in Italy


In the context of developing their international relations  with the goal of providing opportunities for the students of Soran University, a memorandum of understanding was signed in the past between Soran university and Sapienza University  in Italy. According to the memorandum, a group of co-working fields was selected. However, in the latest development between the two universities, the students are implementing the memorandum of understanding, which is related to the exchange of students between both universities.

 According to the program put up by both universities, several students will be exchanged between the two universities for six months.

 In a statement to the media of the university, Muzafar Sabir, the Soran University supervisor of the program, highlighted the mechanism of application and the conditions of the program for students of Soran University, stating" Every student of Soran University has to present a request, but it is necessary that every student who applies and fills out the form, must speak an acceptable level of English language with a significant academic background". The participants will then be selected based on their specialty and compatibility with the programs conditions.

In another part of his speech, the program supervisor at Soran University pointed out that the tuition fee will be covered by Sapinza university, but the student's living expense will be on their own during this study period. Except for the fact that the university will offer a free Italian language course for students during this time. 

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