Senior Advisor for the MoHE at Soran

MoHE Advisor Dr Amanj Saeed

On the 11th February 2014, witnessing the process of signing three significant scientific contracts with the University of Leicester, the senior advisor for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Amanj Saeed, attending on behalf of the Ministry, gave anaddress in both Kurdish and English.
At the beginning of his speech, he said: “The opinion of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is that this event is one of the most important academic achievements, not only for Soran University, but also for all higher education and its development in the Kurdistan Region.”
He then talked about the process of reform in higher education and,with reference to Soran University’s role in this process, said: “Concerning the reform process, Soran University has always been in the front line and has supported all the steps that the KRG has made in connection to higher education reform and development.
Later, regarding the content of the contracts, he declared: “What we are proudly observing today is the step that Soran University has made, beside its other steps in high education, which is the development of scientific research, giving importance to learning a second language in the universities, developing international relationships and making scientific research in educational institutions, international.
In the end of his Kurdish speech and with regard tothe academic relationship between Soran University and Leister University, Dr. Amanj appreciated this relationship and very warmly praised the work and efforts of the President of Soran University and its academic staff; he thanked them for this significant achievement and said: “We are proud and happy with your success”

Translator: Karwan Özkϋrt

Reviewer: Dr. Muli
Photo: Abdulla Ahmed