Soran University held the First Annual Oil & Gas Symposium

Soran University held the First Annual Oil & Gas Symposium

The first international symposium about Kurdistan's oil and gas

On Monday 21 April 2014 with the attendance of Soran University president, Dr. Muslih Mustaf and many local and international academicians as well as experts of oil and gas, Soran University held its first annual symposium on oil and gas. The symposium was under the title "Kurdistan’s Oil and Gas: Curse or Blessing?” The symposium took two days and during this period, many international and local experts delivered their researches.

At the first day after opening the symposium and welcoming the guests, Dr. Muslih Mustafa the president of Soran University has delivered a speech. In his speech he shade light on the importance of this symposium and showed Soran University's pleasure for holding it, that gathered tens of local and international experts to discuss this matter.

Worth mentioning in these two days the experts tried to focus on two major important points which were:

  1. The geostrategic situation the KRG is in, including the issue of being a landlocked nation in a region amidst insecurity and conflict, as well as the nature of a Turkish-KRG partnership.
  2. Possible internal institutional structures that help not only to avoid the ‘curse’ of oil price volatility, but to solidify democratic structures.


Some of those who had a research in this symposium were:

- Prof. David Romano from Missouri State University, on "The Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Turkey: An Enduring Relationship or Temporary Marriage?"

- Prof. Philippe Le Billon from University of British Columbia, on "Extractive Sectors and Illicit Financial Flows"

- Torben Rosenørn from Aalborg University Esbjerg, on "Project Organised and Problem Based Learning (POPBL) in Oil and Gas in Graduate and Postgraduate Education"

- Prof. Kamal Odisho from Soran University, on "The Oil Factor in the Emergence of Kurdistan as a Nation-State"

- Robert Bell from Archomai Business, on "Local Content and Energy Sector Development: the Key to Sustainable Growth"

- Dr. Denise Natali from National Defense University, on "Is Iraqi Kurdistan Becoming a Rentier Region?"

- Arzu Yorkan from Turkish Asian Centre for Strategic Studies and Free University of Berlin, on "Energy Cooperation between Turkey and Kurdistan: Economic and Geological Implications"

- Ole Gunnar Tveiten from AGR, on "Effects of Institutional Bodies towards Public Value Creation in Oil and Gas, Cases and Examples from Norway"

- Maya Khouri from Aamina, on "Social Responsibility and Sustainability Implications for the Oil and Gas Sector in the KRI"

- Semra Dogan from EHESS Paris, on "Public Policy Making at Critical Times: the Case of Energy in the Kurdistan Region"

Translator: Roahna Rashid