British General Consul Visits Soran University

British Consul At Soran University

On Wednesday (10/6/2014), British General Consul in Erbil visited Soran University and was warmly welcomed by the president and members of the senior management of Soran University.

In this meeting, the president of Soran University expressed his happiness for this visit and hoped for a continuing relationship. Then they all visited Soran University's new campus and the Pearson Centre.

In an exclusive interview, the British Consul expressed his happiness for this visit and meeting Dr. Muslih and other members of the senior management.

Then, he stated: "Soran University is bigger than I had heard. If this continues, Soran University will be a leading university not only in Iraq but also in Middle-East.

Regarding the relationship between Soran University and UK Universities, he assessed that these relations are very important and pioneering.

Translated by: Karwan Özkürt

Photo: Abdullah Ahmed