Kurdology (Kurdish Studies) department to open in USA

University Of Central Florida

Soran University, from the beginning of its establishment till now, has always had great dreams and aspirations. It has tried to cross the borders and establish academic relations with other universities, and open a new door toward the world and knowledge.

In the latest achievement, Soran University announces that in the near future with the help of the University of Central Florida, a Kurdish Studies department will be opened in this university.

Soran University staff consisted of Dr. Howri Mansurbeg, the vice president of Soran University for scientific affairs, and Dr. Nahro Zagros, who visited the University of Central Florida and discussed many scientific and important projects. The staff at UCF are strongly supportive of opening a Kurdish Studies department in their university.

Concerning Soran University's contributions to the University of Central Florida in these efforts, Dr. Nahro Zagros told Soran University’s website that after opening this Centre, Soran university will prepare the study programs, instructors, and study needs (books and videos).

For further information read the UCF original report at:  Soran Partners with UCF

Translator: Karwan Özkϋrt