UN Delegation At Soran University

A delegation from the United Nations visits Soran University

Wednesday on 20/8/2014 a high delegation from United Nations in cooperation with the higher committee of women affairs in Kurdistan region visited Soran University.

The visited delegation consisted of" Frances Guy" the representative of United Nations, the manager of Women affairs in Iraq, "ShnoFaraj" the representative of development project in United Nations programs, "Florin Gorgis Seudin" the general administrator of the higher committee of Women affairs in Kurdistan Region. They were welcomed by Dr. Muslih Mustafa the president of Soran University.

In a formal meeting the representatives of Soran University and the visited delegation, discussed the current issues of women in Kurdistan region generally and Soran city specifically. The other side of the meeting was devoted to talking about a practical project about women affairs including scientific and academic researches about women's life in Soran city and Kurdistan in general.

Worth mentioning the administration of Women affairs in Kurdistan region related to the United Nations will take the economical responsibility of this project and all the professional costs of it.

Finally, we should say that this project will be done as soon as possible and whenever it starts we will let our readers to know all the necessary information about the project.

Translator: roshna Rasheed

Photo by: Abdullah Ahmed