The media plays a very effective role in modern society; Soran University has, therefore, opened a media directorate to create a connection between Soran University and Kurdish society. This connection is maintained by the publication of the activities of Soran University in three languages: Kurdish, English and Arabic. The directorate also introduces the work of researchers both to their colleagues and to the Kurdish community.
It is a two way process where concerns and questions from outside the university can be addressed by university experts and the responses made available via the media
Currently, Soran University undertakes the above duties via its website as well as social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but there are plans to exploit other means of communication as well, to further serve the society and become a powerful bridge of communication.

Dr Hazhar Ahmed Abdul-Ghafour Director
Dr Omar Ahmed Muhammad Arabic Editor
Lynne Colley (Shna) English Editor
Karwan Fayzi Dri English Translator
Roshna Rasheed Sabri English Translator
Awder Ahmed Abdulla Arabic Translator
Awaz Agha Hussein Arabic Translator
Zebar Azeez Muhammad Arabic Translator
Rojhat Mahdi Othman Reporter
Twana Taha Hamadamin Reporter

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