Pearson Centre Opens at Soran University

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On Monday, 3 March, the PTE Academic, Pearson Centre for Testing English language officially opened with the attendance of Soran area MPs, Directorates, the academic staff of Soran University, and the Pearson agent, Matthew Limpkins.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the president of Soran University, Dr. Muslih Mustafa, welcomed the attendants and gave a talk. He shed light on the importance and effect of the centre and said: “This is another academic achievement and it has a big significance. This is a part of an attempt to reinforce scientific infrastructure in Kurdistan region and gain excellent and rare scientific achievements throughout Iraq and Kurdistan.”
In another part of his speech, Dr. Muslih said: “This is a universal standard test and 98% of UK universities recognize it as a standard test and it facilitates the process of gaining a Visa because, previously, most of the HCDP students had difficulty in gaining Visa.”
Mathew Limpkins, the Pearson agent and the head of the development and marketing department of the Pearson in London, gave a speech and showed his pleasure to see the centre open in Soran. Then, he warmly thanked the president of Soran University and the university directorate for all their assistance with this project. Thus, there will be another chance for students in Kurdistan to do the test and then continue their study in universities around the world.
Then, Kurdistan MP, Abbas Ghazli, on behalf of the Soran office of Kurdistan Parliament gave a speech and said: “What we observed today was another high academic step in study and science in Kurdistan. We have been noticing so far that Soran University has made great and rare steps and it is progressing. This centre is a symbol of the great dream of the academic staff of Soran University.”
Kurdish students, from today on, can easily test their ability in English then soon after, providing they reach the required level, they can continue their study abroad. Pearson test is an accredited universal test and most of universities in the world accept it and see it as a standard test. This test has offices in more than 50 countries around the world and with this achievement Soran University opens the gate to the world and it adds another achievement to its education reform and development of higher education in Kurdistan region.
Soon, we will provide full details about how to attend and undertake the test at this centre.

Translator:  Karwan Özkϋrt